To follow up for the benefit of the principals as their specialist and constantly under due power, so the principals' advantage will be best served and secure in consistence with shopping practices, taxes and legislation's

Vessel Schedule On ETA

Receive details principals on vessel schedule to call the respective port for forward planning, notification and coordination

Maintain Consistent Communications With Relevant Parties

Operations team equipped with complete contact list of relevant personnel from respective parties, shippers, consignees and other related parties including after office contact numbers to maintain 24hrs communication on updates, progress and status.

Passenger And Cruise Vessel
  • To make special arrangements for berthing and reception of vessels including liaising with carious authorities and contractors for additional manpower of facilities to ensure quickest possible dispatch and minimize inconvenience to passengers.
  • To attend to passengers requirements as agreed by the principal.
  • To liaise with passengers handling and tour agents.
  • To issue tickets and collect fares.
  • To Issue sailing schedules and respond to queries.
  • To arrange for proper handling of passengers, baggage, accompanies or in hold. 
Ship Broking Services
  • Registered broker and agent for oil major companies as well as palm oil major companies.
  • Having close relationship with ship owners, charterers, shippers and receivers.
  • Cargoes are flashed to us as brokers to scout for suitable tonnages for fixing.
Off-Port Limit Services
  • To arrange engineers and technicians for running repairs.
  • To make available and to arrange boats for the supply of ships equipment or spare parts.
  • To attend to crew matters such as medical assistance and repatriation at off-port
Pre Arrival Coordination And Liaison
  • Ship owners / charterers /  principals
  • Master of Vessel
  • Prepare the estimation PDA
  • Submit draft statements of facts
  • Liaise with all parties involved in the operations to advise and map out all the operational arrangements necessary for prompt dispatch
Pre Arrival Advice
  • Port operators / authorities 
  • Shippers/ consignees / stevedores / traders etc
  • Service providers / suppliers
  • Relevant info to masters including emergency contacts
Other Owner's Matter

Ship supplies, bunkering, ship chandelling, husbanding, crew change and crew repatriation.

Post Departure
  • Send port call documents the next day./
  • Submit necessary cargo documents to all parties concerned.
  • Send out final invoice together with supporting documents.
  • To attend to any cargo discrepancies and or requirements from owners, charterers, shippers or receivers
Vessel Arrival
  • Clearance.
  • Proper arrangements for authorities should they require to board vessel
  • Ensure correct and complete documentation during clearance process.
  • Ensure speedy commencement of cargo operations.
  • Berthing
  • Coordinate safe berthing and cargo operation.
  • To attend to Master and Chief Officer for any information or documents ant to attend to any request for husbanding matters.
  • Continuous reporting on updates, progress status and vessel movements to owners and other parties concern via emails, phone calls and text messages during operations on 24-hour basis. 
  • Attendance and reporting
  • Dedicated operations personnel available to Principal and Master on 24-hour basis. 
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