Operations Capacity

As already indicate, the first year of operation is focused on maintaining and improving delivery and capacity, notably in scoping and growing the marine planning and licencing functions. Much of this work will be well advanced at the start of the year, but will require significant engagement by post holders in addition to their routine task. As firm recommendations emerge, we will adjust our structures and processes to accommodate changers in emphasis and new business ventures, while maintaining coherence and momentum in relation to our overall aim and strategic objectives. 


Our Culture

The performance of our functions and actions will be shaped by principles that form our strategic culture. These are:

  • We will operate as a unified corporate entity, with an "all of one company" community approach to the employment and development of our people. 
  • We will be an organisation, with all personnel expected to play a full part in a leadership culture and those in positions of authority will be recruited and assessed on the basis or their ability to lead. 
  • We will be independent in our operation and judgement while taking into account the need to recognize political and practical realities.
  • We will act openly, impartially and independently in our decision making and judgement, employing leading edge research and the best available evidence, especially in reconciling differences.