To help principals to orchestrate and liaise for seaward help vessels, to screen frieght tasks, taking care of leeway with significant specialists and bodies, chandelling and so forth

Offshore Terminals
  • To help principals to organize and liaise for seaward help vessels
  • To screen cargo activities.
  • To take care of taking care of, freedom with applicable specialists and bodies, chandelling and so forth.
Offshore Marine Services
  • To support a wide range of offshore activities such as to arrange for supply boards, vessel's replenishment, bunkers and etc.
  • Crew handling
  • Marine Agencies
  • Freight forwarding and offshore logistic support services
Ship Dry Dock Services
  • To liaise and to coordinate with shipyards.
  • To arrange and to provide watchman/securities supervision, technician for ship repair, ship's spare parts supplies and other owner's requirements.
  • To attend to crew change, medical assistance, ship maintenance, transportations and etc.
  • To arrange for gas free inspection and clearance with various authorities.