Our Missions

Share the Government's aspiration to be a strong Maritime nation.

Leveraging on core business into further expand to other maritime activities.

As a business entity to continuously strive to improve on the quality of our services to our customers.

Care for the nation, employee and environment. 

Our Vision

To be a leading Marine Company in the Region providing safe, reliable, efficient and cost effective services in the Offshore Support Vessels and Marine Sector

Company Background

SANI MARINE SDN. BHD. is one of Bumiputra's independent, reliable and a well-grounded company; persuade a high ambition in Oil and Gas in East and West Malaysia. As our objectives is to support and to promote as many BUMIPUTRA's company involving in Oil and Gas Industry in Malaysia. We took control of the whole operations set up as was established with the objectives to venture into the shipping industry in providing a regular with efficient supply of vessels for the Oil & Gas industry as well as to support the government's policy to increase Malaysian participation in maritime sector.


SANI MARINE SDN. BHD. is uniquely positioned to provide expertise in Marine Offshore Support Vessels Services and was wholly owned by SANI UNITED BERHAD focusing in transportation industry throughout around Malaysia.


In the year to come we have plan to extend our services network to whole over the world which need to be serve on Marine transportation especially on Offshore support vessels. At the same time SANI MARINE SDN. BHD. plan to increase the number various type of fleet to the industries due to support the demands. 


SANI MARINE SDN. BHD. was set up on the principles of quality customer service and reliability. This philosophy has enabled us to forge close relationship with our customers who know they can depend on us and our products. 


For a conclusion, SANI MARINE aiming not only focuses on profitability but the investment focusing on safety and sustainability for every each aspect as below:

  • New Hi-technology of Vessel's engine
  • Quality of Vessels & Capability
  • Plan Maintenance expertise
  • Competency of personnel
  • Feedback from our end user

Group Of Companies

marine org chart